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Call Center Specializing In Hotel & Travel Agency Bookings

Call Center Case Study


Key Objectives



Build an AI booking agent for 1 hotel, which can be personalized and duplicated quickly for various clients In the hotel & travel industry



Capable of understanding various South African dialects



Able to make bookings for a hotel with different room options and assist with general queries such as deposit and cancellation policies



Save significantly on costs 

Challenges & Solutions

In just 72 hours, we crafted an AI booking assistant tailored for a bespoke hotel experience with an additional 14 hours of tweaking & training calls. The result? An effortlessly scalable agent that transforms the booking process. By simply integrating custom hotel details, policies, room options, and add-ons, along with connecting seamlessly to the hotel's booking platform via REST API, we ushered in a new era of streamlined reservations.

We used various cultural subjects with different dialects during testing, which had no communication issues with the AI model used for this assistant. The only minor issue faced during testing was when communication was not clear in terms of volume - which resulted in the agent asking the caller to repeat his/her answer.

The AI agent gathered the correct information successfully in order to complete the booking. All issues that emerged were able to be fixed within the 14 hours of testing which was considered very fast, as similar model training may take a few business days. Multiple factors are taken into account, such as the AI model being used, the complexity of the knowledge the agent needs to learn, as well as other factors such as software integrations, etc.

AI agents are extremely cost-effective. Since they aren’t confined to office space, and the software is cloud-based-salaries, rent and expensive equipment are no longer a factor. This also means that more agents can be added as needed at little to no extra cost. The scalability is essentially endless with more savings as you scale.

Live Calls

Key Benefits

Cost-Efficiency & Scalability

Custom Knowledge Base

Continual Learning

24/7 Availability

Increased Service Level Metrics

Agents Adaptability

API Software Integration

Custom Voice Imports

AI Agent Teams

Multi-Dialect Interpretation

Real-Time Booking

Real-Time Call Transfer

A New Level Of Service

100% Service Level

Average percentage of calls answered within 5 seconds

100% Occupancy 

Amount of time an agent actually spend on calls during working hours

0% Shrinkage

Percentage of paid agents not on calls at any given time

Business Meeting
"This Totally Blew My Mind!"

AI-powered call centers are revolutionizing customer service. By mimicking human cognitive functions, these advanced systems are boosting contact center AI solutions. They not only comprehend and interpret human language but also analyze it to enhance customer interactions effectively.

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, staying up-to-date is essential. It's all about being adaptable and future-focused. Investing in ongoing evolution is key to staying competitive in the ever-changing digital world.

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